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dog agility equipment

Although playing with your dog can mean something as simple as rolling around with a rolled up newspaper, there are types of games that aren’t games at all. We are talking, of course, about dog agility training.

Dog agility training can be a deceptively complicated sport. On first glance, it looks to be as simple as getting your dog trained to run through a series of loops or tunnels, or to have him follow basic commands. But in reality, it takes good and well thought out dog agility training equipment to get your dog to follow circuits in a manner that becomes second nature to him.

At the same time, you also have to ensure that your dog is not stressed or overwhelmed by his routine. Which is why the perfect training set up becomes all the more important. Here are the best dog agility training equipment kits available right now:

Best Choice
SavingPlus Pet Tunnel Puppy Dog Agility Training 5.25M Outdoor Run Exercise Playing Blue
Customer Rating
More Information
Trixie 32019 Dog Activity Turn Around, 22 × 33 × 18 cm
Customer Rating
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Great Premium Option
Trixie Dog Activity Agility Dogwalk, 456 x 64 x 30 cm
Customer Rating
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Dog Agility Training Equipment – Nice Choice

#1 SavingPlus Pet Agility Training Tunnel

Training with a twist- lots of twists! The Yaheetech pet agility training tunnel game is, as the name suggests, a tunnel set up for your dog to follow. Tunnel set ups can often be problematic for dogs who need constant visual cues. This is doubly true for those who are unaccustomed to them.

But the SavingPlus tunnel game lets you train all this hesitation out of your dog, using a simple practice circuit. The tunnel is roomy enough for even the most nervous dogs to be able to move around freely in. The entire frame is held up by stiff loops which make sure that the tunnel stays open and holds its shape.

The tunnel consists of a light blue covering, made of a strong and tough but very lightweight Oxford Dacron woven mix. There are twelve ten cm stakes with the set, that are plated with zinc and are anti-rust.

The stakes can be inserted through the grommet tabs around the base of the tunnel. This makes sure that the tunnel stays open, while the downward angle of the spikes keeps them locked into the ground, ensuring that they never stick out and scrape anyone.

The tunnel set up is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your dogs get plenty of exercise, which challenges them both mentally and physically. The commands you can use help sharpen your dog’s focus and obedience, while he also builds overall agility, dexterity, and responsiveness.

You will in effect be tiring your dog out while training him. There can be no better utilization of play-time with your dog, really. At the end, your dog will not only be tired out from a good workout session, but he will also have learnt better, how to listen to you carefully. And you keep building upon this habit, the more you play with him in the tunnel.

Not to mention, there’s so many other fun activities you both can do, such as playing fetch through the tunnel, hide and seek, etc.

The tunnel is not a fixed frame and can be deconstructed and carried around with relative ease. A circular carrying case comes inclusive with the tunnel set. The bag itself can easily be taken around because of two sturdy handles at the top of the case.

When the tunnel is taken out of the case, it pops to full length, and can be collapsed and out back in when you’re done with it. So you’re not limited as to where you can take your dog to play at all. The tunnel can simply come with!

If you’re looking for an interesting agility and play alternative for your dog, the SavingPlus tunnel is one you should consider.

  • Very simple set up
  • Durable material
  • Very portable
  • Great value
  • Too small for larger dogs

Cheap Dog Agility Equipment

#2 Trixie Activity Game, Turn Around Level Two

The difference between an intelligent dog and a dim dog is often only how much training they’ve had, as puppies. Dogs who have engaged with right from their early months, show much more intellectual capacity than dogs who were not challenged or taught at all.

The Trixie Activity game is a prime example of how to train dogs using food and treats as incentive for learning. It keeps puppies and dogs alert and engaged, as they try to solve the puzzle and receive treats as rewards for their problem solving success.

Not only does this teach your dog critical thinking, but also keeps him busy. This is important, because dogs who use up their nervous energy in this manner do not develop anxiety or end up being overly worked up.

So not only is your dog learning, but also burning off his spare mental energy, so to speak. The positive motivation of getting treats for solving the puzzle also trains him to respond to you, when you want him to obey your commands.

The Trixie Activity game is a strategy game for dogs. So your dog might need to be shown it works, the first few times. After that, you can leave him alone with it for many hours of problem solving fun!

  • Very effective strategy game that trains dogs using food as reinforcement for problem solving.
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to Use & Setup
  • Less physical activity is involved.

Dog Agility Starter Kit – Best Choice

#3 PawHunt Pet Agility Training Equipment

The comprehensive and basic pet agility training kit from PawHunt provides every dog owner with the best training set up pawsible, from the ground up. It consists of long and strong spikes, that can be properly poled in the ground, loops and bars with adjustable height settings, as well as high jump hoops and turnstile poles.

The advantage of the PawHunt pet agility kit is that it lets you start training your dog right from the beginning, with the simplest and most basic maneuvers. From that point onwards, you can progressively increase the complexity and sequences in the training circuit, as your dog gets better at following orders.

This is an ideal kit for training even dogs with no previous training. So for amateurs or people training new dogs, it’s the perfect set up. Not only does it gives you an interesting way to engage with your dog, but keeps your dogs excited and interested, and most of all, steadily active and in training.

The ground stakes and ropes make the agility training course easy to set up and secure outside your home. The set comes with 8 steel stakes, 2 spikes, 1 cord, and a bag to store everything away in, when you decide to put it away for any reason. It’s also incredibly easy to shelf or transport with you.

  • Great variety of training options
  • Adjustable pole height
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Hoop is too small for larger dogs

#4 PAWISE Pet Agility Exercise Equipment

Another great option for dog lovers who are looking to get their dogs moving more, the PAWISE pet agility exercise equipment set is a full kit of goodies.

It comes with 12 spikes, each 116 cm long, which can be driven firmly into the ground. The frames are very stable and stay fixed in place after that. The poles can be left standing vertically or fixed at an incline, which lets you use the kit as a slalom training set for your dog.

Initial training always requires that you help your dog understand his objective, that he is to run or follow your lead between the poles, in the circuit that you are teaching him. When you fix these poles on the ground, he learns not only to follow the route, but also to follow your signals and cues.

Not only does this slalom style training pattern keep your dog engaged, but also keeps him alert and mentally active. Not to mention, it fine-tunes his responses to your verbal cues. This helps speed up his training even more.

If you’re looking for a basic kit to start your dog off with, this is definitely the one for you.

  • Simplistic
  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners.
  • n/a

#5 Trixie Dog Activity Agility Dog Walk

Here’s a dog agility training tool that something different. The Trixie Dog Agility dog walk is a ramp-like structure that you can set up to train your dog to walk, run, or prance over. You’re really only limited by our imagination- and your dog’s obedience.

Ramps are a seemingly innocent part of most agility setups. The problem, however, is that sometimes dogs get stuck on them for no apparent reason, simply because the elevation throws them off track.

The Trixie dog walk is a 456 x 64 x 30 cm framework made of glazed pine material, designed for just such events. It has an ascending and descending flap, with a central elevation. The entire structure is trapezoid shaped.

This helps your dog get over his hesitation of getting onto the ramp. The surface is coated with a non-slip rubber coating. So your dog stays surefooted and does not feel nervous or unsteady. At the same time, he can also keep moving over the colour marked contact zones on the surface of the ramp.

The framework is very sturdy and can support a dog or dogs up to 80 kg in weight. Plus, it comes with a booklet that shows you all the options you can use to train your dog. It’s one of the best pieces of equipment you can use to train young puppies and green dogs, because the methods are fairly simple, but the command training is retained by them and reinforced. So they can ‘graduate’ to more advanced agility training quickly.

And even when not, it’s a great way to play with your dog, simply to entertain him and yourself. The Trixie Dog Agility Walk lets you bring a fancy set up into your home training setup at minimal cost.

Both setting up and taking down can be done rather effortlessly and storage gives you no issues either. This is the ideal training set up to have in your backyard, especially if you have a larger dog that you want to start training before he gets ‘too’ old. But with the Trixie dog walk ramp in place, things will get moving in no time- as will your dog!

  • Can support multiple dogs and weight up to 80kg
  • Helps dogs coordination and balance
  • Requires a large space to set up.
  • Needs to be placed on level ground

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