The Perfect Harness for Vets and Dog Owners Alike

dinbeatuno harness

Every dog owner wants to keep their dog under control, a harness keeps your dog both disciplined and happy.

It is therefore essential to ensure your dog adapts to using a dog harness over time. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different harnesses on the market and deciding on just the right one for you and your dog is not that much of an easy task. 

Even with the ocean of options to choose from one still has to make sure the harness is the right fit for the dog. After all, dogs are man’s best friend and you must treat them with love, care, and comfort.

Not the Typical Dog Harness – DinbeatUNO

Each harness has its pros and cons and knowing why your dog needs a harness and how to pick one is an essential step. First off, the big question is “Why have a dog harness?” Apart from the apparent reasons for control and safety, there is a handful of reasons to consider a harness. 

A typical dog harness is designed to stop your dog from pulling on the lead but the harness I want to focus on here is a harness from Dinbeat with a product they offer called the DinbeatUNO.

The unique thing about this harness is that it isn’t designed to stop pulling but to actually track your dogs health status through a bunch of different measurements. It really caught my eye because of its technology that it offers and the host of benefits of actually using the harness which I will cover more about below.



DinbeatUNO offers veterinarians really interesting and practical uses that make it stand out amongst other options and why I wanted to talk about it further on my blog.

This dog harness is designed to let you monitor and control your dog’s actions and behavior in real-time. Talk about tech-savvy. So, why should you purchase this device? Let me talk about a few of its cool features!

1. Monitor Your Dog’s Activity

The position, behavior, and temperature of the dog help vets know the condition and state the patient is in at all times – all of which can be directly tracked and monitored in real time with the DinbeatUNO. Knowing whether the patient is resting or vibrant aids in concluding metrics such as cardiac activity for example. 

DinbeatUNO is a device that offers efficiency and precision. With a high reputation and collaborators like UAB Research Park, the product is indispensable and resourceful. It’s main priority is to allow every user to observe the critical health condition of the dog without having to put them to sleep or using serious or more cumbersome equipment. 

2. Get to save on expenses

While primarily targeted to vets this device could also theoretically save vets a lot of money on their dogs’ health and safety. 

This harness doesn’t drain your wallet since you save up to 60% on health tracking costs. The device is very pocket-friendly and has fantastic reviews from satisfied customers as well.


Surprisingly this device even with all its tracking is very comfortable for your dog to wear. It has tested well and gained approval in vet universities and hospitals alike. They even have an app available that has cloud-based software – this allows you to get updates on your phone, including the heart rate, ECG and breaths per minute – all in real-time!

The dog harnesses range from extra small to extra-large in size; therefore, you can choose any size as per your patient’s build. 

Additionally, the products are breathable, thus comfortable and washable by hand. The ergonomic harness is the exact definition of the perfect harness for vets. I personally think it can be a great choice even for the more careful dog owner but of course it’s an invaluable device for vets to be using all over the world!

One thing to keep in mind is that is product is for use only with vets but who knows what the future holds for dog owners down the line!

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