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dog separation anxiety

How To Help A Dog With Separation Anxiety

One of the best things about owning a dog is being able to come back home to him after a long day at work....
cost of owning a dog

Cost of Owning a Dog – The Ultimate Guide (UK & US)

The world can very neatly be divided into two categories- people who love dogs, and the (smaller fraction of) people who don’t....

Dogs and Your Health: Everything You Need to Know

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the feeling of looking forward to going home to your dog.
foods bad for dogs

20 Foods People Eat that your Dog Absolutely Can’t

With how closely our lives intertwine with those of our pets, it's easy to forget that they aren't actually human. Fur-babies are...

Top 10 Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

One of the most standard images associated with happy puppies is the picture perfect cuddly pooch, all flappy ears and lolling tongue, grinning...