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Can Dogs Eat Prawns?

Dogs can eat prawns as long as they have been thoroughly cleaned, peeled, and cooked. Make sure to remove the head, tails, and legs as well as the shell. De-veining is not necessary though. They provide the same benefits for dogs as they do for us humans – a …

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Can Dogs Drink Tea?

Letting your dog drink a bit of tea every now and then won’t cause any long-term problems. However, there are some risks when it comes to dogs drinking tea that has caffeine in it; although a small dog would have to drink five cups a day to reach toxic …

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victorian bulldog

Victorian Bulldog – Breed Guide (Personality, Health, Grooming etc.)

Despite their somewhat brutish appearance, Victorian Bulldogs make gentle and loving additions to every family.  Victorian Bulldogs are a special, selectively created variety of English Bulldogs, characterised by their larger sizes in comparison to other popular bulldog variants. The breed is reputed to have originally been created by Ken …

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