5 Best Waterproof Dog Beds in the UK for 2021

best waterproof dog beds

As a dog owner, having a good quality dog bed is one of the most important things. Depending on the breed of dog you have you need an appropriately sized bed to ensure that your dog has enough room to stretch out however he wants and to be comfortable and cosy.

The material a dog bed is made out of really does matter, because we want it to feel soft so that our dogs can stay warm, and if possible, to have waterproof materials and/or material that has been treated with a water repellant coating. It’s also essential that you can remove the cover from the dog bed and that it is washing machine friendly, especially for dogs who get rather dirty on a regular basis.

Therefore, I have compiled this list of the 5 best waterproof dog beds that are available in the UK for 2021.

Best Choice
PetFusion Large Dog w/Solid 10 cm Memory Foam, Waterproof liner, YKK premium zippers. Breathable cotton blend, removable & easy to clean. (Replacement covers & blankets also avail)
Customer Rating
More Information
P & L Superior Pet Beds Heavy Duty Oval Waterproof Softee Bed, Large, 76 x 64 x 24 cm, Green
Customer Rating
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Great Value
pecute Water Resistant Pet Bed for Small Medium Dogs Removable Machine Washable Scratch Proof (63 X 53 X 20cm, Grey)
Customer Rating
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5 Best Waterproof Dog Beds

#1 PetFusion Waterproof Dog Bed

This dog bed by PetFusion comes in four different sizes: small (64 x 51 x 14cm), large (91 x 71 x 23cm), X-Large (112 x 86 x 25cm), and XXL Jumbo (127 x 102 x 33cm) – so you can definitely find the perfect sized bed no matter what breed of dog you have.

If you’re not sure which size you should buy you can make the decision based on your dog’s weight. The small size can support dogs weighing 25+ kg, the large 50+ kg, X-Large 75+ kg, and Jumbo size can easily hold dogs that weigh 100+ kg.

There are three different colours that you can choose from; slate grey, sandstone (white), and chocolate brown.

It’s not only great for all breeds of dogs thanks to the variety of different sizes, but also excellent for any age – it is especially loved by mature, older dogs who start to have sore joints and suffer from arthritis.

The bottom is a solid memory foam base which provides great overall comfort. The cushion is generously stuffed with Polyfill fiber which is recycled, and the center resting area is made with microplush, which is extremely soft and comfortable and makes it extra warm and cosy. The raised sides of this dog bed, which kind of make it look like a mini sofa, provide optimal support for our dog’s head, neck, and back.

The cover is made with durable and comfortable polyester (65%) and cotton twill (35%). It is also tear resistant as well as water resistant.

It has two zipper compartments, with pre-loaded bolster pillows (the couch arms) which will save you assembly time and makes it easy to re-assemble after washing. Having a cover that is removable and machine washable is a huge advantage, and it’s very easy to remove hair and fur just by wiping it down because fur doesn’t easily stick to the material.

There is a waterproof inner liner above the memory foam mattress so that accidents can’t make their way and damage or ruin the mattress.

The bottom is non-skid making it perfect for tile and hardwood floors, and no matter which colour you choose this modern looking dog bed will blend in effortlessly with the rest of your decor.

Plus, there is a 12-month warranty on any part that is broken due to manufacturer defect.

PetFusion’s beds are made with quality construction and premium materials, so you are guaranteed excellent value for your money.

The only slight downside to this dog bed is that there are no spare covers so that while you are washing the only cover you have your dog won’t be able to use his bed for a little while.

  • Variety of sizes available
  • Very comfortable and cosy (memory foam mattress)
  • Removable & machine washable
  • Water and tear resistant
  • No spare covers

#2 P & L Superior Waterproof Dog Bed

The P&L Superior oval-shaped dog bed is available in three sizes; Medium (61 x 51 x 22cm), Large (76 x 64 x 24cm), and Jumbo (97 x 74 x 25cm) and it comes in a very wide variety of different colours: black, green, brown, burgundy, sand, blue, grey, brown and sand, and black and grey.

Made with quality construction and craftsmanship, it has a stylish matt finish – as opposed to the shiny nylon style, and this makes it ideal to blend in well with the rest of your furniture. 

It’s UK manufactured and made with heavy duty material 100% Polyester waterproof material that is also treated with a water repellent coating. This makes it perfect for those dogs who get wet and dirty on a regular basis. This is because it’s very easy to keep the bed clean and brush off any loose dirt – all you need to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth and then rinse under running water from a tap or even a hose.

This dog bed made with high quality materials, is designed to keep your dog warm and comfortable, and will also stay odour free. The thick base cushion, which is removable so that it’s easier to clean, and the high walls of the bed are filled with bonded Thermal Polyester Fiber, which is non clumping, to help insulate your dog from the cold floor and stay warm.

Those high walls all around with the dip at the entrance are well-stuffed, rigid, and are stitched very well so that they hold their shape even when the largest breeds of dog enter and lie inside.

Certain dog breeds, such as Greyhounds, Terriers, Dachshunds, etc., have a tendency to dig in their bed before settling and resting, and this bed is so durable that it can withstand this digging easily. It may not be as resistant to biting as it is to claws, though.

Even though it is advertised as waterproof, I would argue that it is water resistant at best. If you have a puppy that tends to wet the bed I wouldn’t recommend this bed as it is a risk, because my dog did pee on it and I found it very difficult to get it out.

  • Comes in three different sizes and nine colours
  • Very durable and comfy
  • Chewing may cause damage

#3 Pecute Water Resistant Pet Bed

This dog bed by Pecute comes in two sizes: Small (49 x 44 x 18cm) or Medium (63 x 53 x 20cm) and in the colour grey with some light blue.

It’s made with premium quality, durable Oxford fabric on the outside, which is scratch proof and water resistant, and is also anti-fading and anti-pilling. The bed is filled with Polyester filling PP Cotton filler on the inside, and it is generously padded and comfortable.

You can easily remove the bed’s cover with the zipper to wash it. The cover is glossy and hair or fur doesn’t easily stick to it, making it easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth. It also blocks out any stains, so you don’t have to worry about this.

The raised sides are for extra comfort, as they provide support for your dog’s head, neck, and back. Being able to fully stretch out helps our dogs to relieve tension and pressure, giving our dog a cozier and more relaxed environment.

The fabric and colour of this dog bed were carefully selected in order to be stylish while also being comfortable, and this helps it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

However, some dogs though just don’t seem to like it very much. Perhaps it’s because they prefer something more squishy and softer, so it can depend on your dog’s personality and personal preferences.

Also, since Pecute vacuum package their products in order to transport them, you will need to fluff it up quite a bit to give it some shape before offering it to your dog. Or, even better, I would wash it immediately upon arrival and it will come out perfectly.

  • Perfect for most dog breeds
  • Scratch proof
  • Water resistant
  • Removable cover and washable
  • Not ideal for the giant dog breeds

Waterproof Dog Mattress – Best Choice

#4 AllPetSolutions Waterproof Dog Mattress

This dog mattress by AllPetSolutions comes in the colour blue or grey and in the dimensions 101 x 65 x 18cm, making it great for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The dimensions of the cushion area are approximately 80 x 50, the border height is 15cm, and the foam thickness is 9cm.

The cover is made with 100% Oxford Polyester fabric which is easy to clean, durable, and waterproof. It can be zipped off, making it effortless to remove for cleaning, and it is 100% machine washable at 30°C.

The mattress itself is Orthopaedic Memory Foam, ensuring that your dog will get a very comfortable, good night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses take the shape of your dog’s body, effectively relieving any pressure from our dog’s spine and joints. The mattress is manufactured using temperature sensitive material, and so as the temperature increases, the memory foam mattress becomes softer.

The bottom is non-slip, making it ideal for polished floors and tiled floors. The bed itself is quite lightweight (around 2kg), and my dog loves dragging the bed by his mouth and moving it around. This works perfectly for both of us, because I have wood floors and, in the past, he’s tried to move his bed which had a plastic frame and nearly left scratches in the floor.

  • Removable and washable cover
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Only comes in 1 size

#5 Ellie-Bo Waterproof Dog Bed

Ellie-Bo’s dog bed is available in three colours: brown, black, and green, and in the dimensions 117 x 75 x 10cm. It’s great for dogs of all breeds and sizes, but especially the larger ones such as Dalmatians, Labradors, etc.

It’s perfect to fit inside a cage and/or crate, but I personally just use it as an ordinary pet bed for my dog, but that’s just because a rectangular shaped dog bed is what fits best in my home. I also find it great to put in the back of my car when taking my dog with me for a drive.

The cover of this dog bed is made from durable Oxford weave and it’s also waterproof and breathable. The partitioned mattress reduces movement of the stuffing inside, which is a common problem with most dog beds.

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Available in three colours
  • Perfect size and shape for crates
  • Great for large dogs
  • No raised sides to support dog’s head and neck
  • No spare cover

Added Bonus –

Waterproof Dog Cushion – Best Option

P & L Superior Pet Bed Cushion Pad

This dog cushion by P&L is available in the sizes Medium (76 x 53 x 5cm), Large (85 x 61 x 5cm), Extra Large (104 x 74 x 5cm), and Jumbo (120 x 74 x 5cm) and in a wide variety of colours: black, blue, green, brown, burgundy, sand, and grey.

This cushion is manufactured in the UK with high quality materials. It’s great for dogs of all breeds and sizes and it’s very practical for those dogs who get dirty on a regular basis. The cover is made with 100% heavy duty Polyester, which is waterproof material and it’s treated with a water repellent coating.

This makes it very easy to keep clean and brush off loose dirt by simply wiping it down with a wet cloth and/or rinsing under running water.

Thanks to the material it’s made out of, it’s also very easy to keep it odour free.

It’s filled with a soft bonded pad of Thermal Polyester Fiber which gives warmth, insulation, and comfort. Its size is also perfect for the inside of dog crates and in the back of a car.

  • Multiple different sizes and colours available
  • Waterproof and water repellent
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Not very thick

Waterproof Dog Bed Cover – Best Choice

UK Pet Beds Dog Mattress Cover

These dog Mattress covers by UK Pet Beds are available in several sizes and colours; you can find it in a Medium size (25” x 40”), Large (34” X 49”), and Jumbo (37” x 57”). The measurements provided are when the cover is placed flat on the floor. There are four colours you can choose from – black, brown, maroon, and blue.

This mattress cover is made with heavy duty materials and is waterproof.

It has a high-quality zip on one end, which cannot break with ease. It’s important to have removable covers for mattresses so that you can wash them frequently and easily.

This mattress cover is ideal for dogs who shed a lot because hair and fur do not easily stick to the material.

  • Several different sizes to choose from
  • Heavy duty material
  • Waterproof
  • Hair and fur don’t stick
  • Not very soft

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