Best Teething Toys for Puppies

best teething toys for puppies

Anyone who has children knows that it can be a regular nightmare when they’re teething. The pain, irritability, constantly needing to gum, and the obvious discomfort that they have can be hard to cope with. Now take that situation, and apply it to teething puppies. And it will be all the same for the furry babies as well. 

Teething is a very difficult time for puppies. They can end up gumming hard objects to deal with the pain of sprouting teeth, and may actually end up with hurt or bleeding gums, as a result. The irritation of the teeth growing out can even make them sick, in some cases, 

To deal with this, it’s often a very good idea to provide them with soft but pliable teething toys. Not unlike teethers for human babies, the best teething toys for your puppy will slash his discomfort during the teething weeks, to a bare minimum. 

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Puppy Teething Toys – Our Top 5

#1 ONBET Puppy Dog Chew Toys For Teething Training 

ONBET Puppy Dog Chew Toys For Teething Training

Like a veritable goodie basket for your puppy, the selection of teething toys from Rimila has something a little different for every time your pup embarks on his endeavour to gum through the world around him. 

The collection has toys shaped like giraffes, carrots, knotted ropes, rope balls, every shape and size imaginable. And, everything is in brightly coloured patterns, which will attract even the most reticent of puppers. 

The toys are certifiably plastic free, and instead made of high quality cotton. They are actually made to ascribe to children’s toy safety standards. They also have hard but resilient rubber, which keeps your dog entertained with their texture for hours on end. 

These chew toys are a great way to train your dog to good teething patterns. Puppies often end up taking to chewing cords or wires to relieve the discomfort in their gums. With these chew toys, they will not only be safely occupied, but also have improved dental hygiene. 

The toys are actually ideal for small to medium dog breeds in puppyhood. Larger dogs may have trouble with the size of the toy, and with aggressive teething, may bite through it, which defeats the purpose of the toy. 

Dog owners can choose between so many different shape variations for their dog to start off with. Whether it’s the rope, bone rope, bal knot rope, teething toy circle, carrot rope, giraffe rope, and an eight rope. By the time your dog makes it through these, he will definitely be through teething weeks. 

Plus, should your dog leave his toy somewhere, finding such a brightly coloured toy with popping colours, will be no problem whatsoever. If you’re looking at chew toys for your pups, this is the best option for you! 

  • Best all round option
  • High quality
  • 7 included toys
  • Great value
  • n/a

Puppy Chew Toys – With Treats!

#2 MEKEET Dog Rubber Ball Chew Toy

MEKEET Dog Rubber Ball Chew Toy

 Every dog’s dream: a toy ball that has Treat-Os in it! The MEKEET dog chew toy ball is ideal for puppers of every size, whether they are from small or large breeds. 

Although approximately tennis ball sized and twice as bouncy, the ball is a pop of colour in your dog’s toy chest. The MEKEET bal comes in multiple bright colour options. It makes for a terrific toy for your dog, even when not being chewed into from every side.

 Made of extremely durable rubber, the ball chew toy has supreme elasticity and can really take a good biting. It’s virtually bite resistant and the material is nontoxic, in the unlikely event that your dog actually bites through in some places. The materials are all natural and the rubber can hold up against significant bite force. 

The ball is designed to have a tooth cleaning action in addition to its gum stimulation effect. Your puppy can grind against it and it will clean his teeth for him. 

The design is a special sawtooth surface shape, which fits and rubs against your pup’s teeth and gums for excellent stimulation. It also helps clean food remnants off the surface of his teeth in the same way. 

At the same time, the ball also doubles up as an awesome exercise game ball for your dog. The weight and shape allow it to be part of many training exercises for ball related commands. But also, it’s a superb way to get your pet to slow down while eating. 

Some dogs have a natural tendency to wolf down their food very rapidly, and then may develop health and behavioral problems as a consequence. The design of the ball makes it an interesting puzzle for your dog to get the treats or kibble out. 

This passively teaches him problem solving behavior as well, and is very good mental engagement for a young pup. The food in the crevices provides positive reinforcement.

 And because your dog can actually get the food out with a little careful handling, he will not become frustrated or get irritated by the effort involved. 

This teething ball can be used as a training ball, to help dogs to learn how to eat patiently. So it will remain useful well after your pupper has outgrown his teething stage. 

The right puppy teething chews can be hard to find. But with the MEKEET ball, you’re in good hands. Because even if teething’s over, training lasts a life long! 

  • Dispenses treats
  • Teaches problem solving behaviour
  • Made from good quality rubber
  • n/a

Best Chew Toy For Puppies – High Quality

#3 Oneisall Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers 

Oneisall Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

No matter how young or old a dog is, the prospect of having something to gnaw on is always a fun pastime for them. Even wolves like their bones extra long! 

Puppies need extra care because they don’t have strong teeth yet, but also need to chew down to build strong teeth. This is why toys like the Oneisall dog bone are the perfect toy for them. 

The Oneisall dog bone is an all natural, thick and tough chew toy bone made of completely eco friendly, safe, and nontoxic nylon composite material. Since it’s not made of rubber, it is far more long lasting and durable. 

As though the friendly shape and bright colour were not enough to captivate your dog’s attention, the bone shaped chew toy also has an outer covering made of bacon flavoured composite. 

Given its composition and ability to survive even the strongest and most determined chewers, this is going to be a toy your dog will not be able to put down. 

It’s also one of the easiest ways to get your dog to clean his teeth. The Oneisall bone makes use of dog’s’ natural urge to gnaw on hard material and combines it with efficient cleaning action. Frequent chewing on the bone therefore helps reduce plaque and build up on your dog’s teeth, remove tartar, and teaches your dog better chewing habits.

 The texture of the bone is so hard that dogs naturally learn how to adapt their bite to it, which they often don’t get to do on the softer traditional dog food diets. This is also very good for their jaws and muscles. Also, it will keep your puppy busy and spare all your shoes and doormats! 

There are two variants available, that you can choose between depending upon which dog(s) you have. The medium variant works for dogs upto 30 kg in weight, as a general estimate of bite force.

So if your dog is bigger already, or likely to be bigger, you can simply get the larger variant. They’re both equally durable, only that the larger variant is better suited for larger dogs, even for the most determined gnawers. 

The Oneisall dog bone is not just a hard chew toy. The stimulation it provides engages your dog’s full concentration, because of the appetizing smell, and the texture, which invites a dog to alter his biting and chewing technique against it. 

It not only keeps your belongings safe from boredom biting, but also makes sure that your pet remains engaged and does not develop anxiety or bad habits. It’s definitely a good toy for a good boy! 

  • Very resistant to biting
  • Should last a long time
  • Bacon flavour
  • Helps clean teeth
  • Little pricier than other options

#4 Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys

Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys

A toy that is immediately recognizable as a baby toy, this colourful set of teething keys is made for puppies the exact same way that teething keys are made for babies. 

The material and shape is designed expressly for young puppies who don’t have any adult teeth yet. Younger pups have softer jaw bones and softer gums, and their adult teeth have yet to erupt through. 

However, this process can be very painful at worst and uncomfortable at best, and it’s better to be prepared for it with teething keys like the Nylabone set. 

The pliable material invites puppies to develop healthy and nondestructive chewing habits and biting techniques, which they otherwise would practice only on your doormats and pillows(!). 

Additionally, the chewing action helps your dog clean his teeth against the surface of the keys. This helps get rid of any food residue between your dog’s teeth and remove tartar and plaque in the spaces and crevices between teeth.

 This prevents gum disease from developing and keeps your dog safe from falling sick while his teeth erupt. Otherwise, infections can often occur in puppies.  

It’s also a great toy for older dogs, who need to be trained with anti-anxiety tools. Chewing and biting is a great way for them to work off additional stress. In this regard, the Nylabone teething keys are a terrific toy for small to medium adult dogs as well. They reinforce positive behaviors and help dogs release pent up stress. 

Additionally, it also keeps puppies distracted and entertained during the teething weeks. It’s a slow process and dogs are often irritable. But the Nylabone teething keys keep your puppies busy and happy, and before they know it, teething is over with! 

  • Helps soothe gums
  • Helps keep teeth and gums clean and healthy
  • Nice design
  • Ideal for puppies and smaller dogs
  • No good for bigger adult dogs

Best Chews For Puppies – Good Budget Option

#5 VIEWLON Pet Dog Chew Rope Set

VIEWLON Pet Dog Chew Rope Set

Another immediately identifiable dog chew toy, the Janlyy chew rope set is designed primarily with puppies in mind- and how! 

The Janlyy chew rope set is made of the highest quality all natural cotton fabric, twisted in strong, durable ropes and knots for your dog to chew on. The material is very strong and resilient, and can take a proper chewing. It’s also non toxic, which is a great fallback to have, when compared to synthetic toys. 

Ideal for small to medium sized dogs, these chew toy ropes help thoroughly clean your dog’s teeth in addition to stimulating better circulation in their jaws. They also help your dog develop a good strong grip and biting technique, which is essential for your dog’s training and development. 

The cleaning action is nothing to be sneezed at, either. The texture of the ropes helps effectively brush your dog’s teeth out. The chew toy ropes clean your dog’s teeth surface and remove fragments of food from between them. 

Food residue is the primary cause of gum disease developing in dogs, especially in puppies. The cleaning action reduces build up and progressively helps remove plaque and tartar, this preventing gum disease. 

This is doubly important for puppies. The Janlyy chew rope set is the ideal toy to help puppies teeth in a safer environment, with lower chances of falling sick during this time. But this is also good for older dogs, who need a distraction for any reason. 

Older dogs are often stressed out by moves, changing schedules, or simply from being alone in part of the day. Whatever the reason, the Janlyy chew rope set helps keep them entertained and distracted and helps them concentrate their energy on something productive. 

This in turn relaxes them, and keeps them stress free and happy. It’s especially useful during the rainy season or in winter, when the outside trips must become more infrequent.

All in all, these brightly coloured and variably knotted chew ropes offer your dog a variety of experiences from one toy. Your dog will easily spend happy hours busy with these, without even realizing it.

 Especially since each pack has five chew toy ropes in different shapes and textures. That’s enough to keep your dog busy for ages! 

  • 5 different ropes included for chewing
  • Nice colours
  • Helps cleans dogs teeth
  • Not a good choice for bigger dogs

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