5 Best Paddling Pools For Dogs in 2021

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With Summer around the corner, it’s not going to be long before we find ourselves steadily overheated well beyond our liking. Temperatures in UK have been on an upward trend each year, and each year the Summer hits us harder than we were accustomed to. Fortunately for us, we’re well adapted to coming up with ingenious methods of cooling off. Unfortunately- our dogs aren’t.

Dogs suffer harsh Summers twice as hard as humans, because of their coats and their builds. Very few breeds are actually adapted to being comfortable in the blistering heat. Most dogs struggle- which is why our ingenuity comes to their rescue.

Hydrating measures, protection from peaking temperatures, fruit and cool treats, all go a long way in helping keep them cool. And (for the majority of people who like us don’t have a swimming pool), the next best thing is a paddling pool. Once you’ve figured out which dog paddling pools UK markets have to offer and which of these suits you best, you’re ready to head into Summer with  your dog with a splash!

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Top 5 Best Paddling Pools for Dogs

#1 FEMOR Largest Foldable Pet Dogs Cats Paddling Pool

Right out of a children’s storybook about a doggy adventure, this cheery and happy looking postbox red pool is a marvel. The FEMOR foldable and portable dog proof paddling pool stands a full 30 cm deep, and a broad 163 cm wide. It accommodates medium to large built dogs with ease, and with these dimensions, even very large breeds can roll around comfortably in it. It’s made from sturdy and durable PVC material that is designed to be extra tough, and lined and sealed with screw fixations- so also watertight. Not only can your doggy splash around and frolic in it to his heart’s fill, but also, you can simply disassemble it and stash it away in a convenient spot, once he’s petered out.

This multipurpose ease of access aspect makes the FEMOR foldable paddling pool a hot favourite. It’s functionality is not limited to being a paddling pool. It’s just as conveniently usable as a dog bath tub, to demarcated a water pond or fish or small duck pond, as a bathtub for children, a ball pit for kids at a house party, and so on. The floor and lining inside is even anti-slip, making it safe and ideal for small parties or children’s birthdays, or BBQs, etc. The whole things contains water with no leaks, since there’s only one outlet, where you can let the water inside out. Plus, dogs with long nails can’t scratch it either. It’s extremely easy to clean, and very simple to roll up and put away. The composite board under the PVC helps it retain its original structure and shape even when its been collapsed and stored, and can simply be set up again when  you need it. It can be used just as easily whether you have a garden and a lawn, or are fitting it into extra space in your garage and parking lot. It definitely beats out any inflatable pool of its size.

  • Easily to fold away and store
  • Durable PVC material
  • Reasonably priced
  • n/a

#2 Coco Jojo Pop Up Pet Bath Dog Bath Dog Pool

In a different size bracket from the other pools, the Coco Jojo pet bath pool is practically petite at a 65cm length and 25 cm depth, making it suitable for small to medium sized dogs to relax in. It comes in a refreshing blue colour with a handy outlet tap that allows for quick evacuation of the water inside.

The other convenient feature is the fitting inside, which comes with a galvanised spring steel frame that pops up and down. This lets you set up the pool in a matter of seconds, and let it down and put it away just as quickly, with no rolling or folding required to lay it flat. It also holds its shape very well and keeps water inside with no leaks, because of the thick double walled polyester material lining and durable waterproof PU coating and walls.

Plus, the frame comes fitted with a mesh pocket and leash retainer, just in case you’re giving your dog a bath and need to make sure he’s not going to make a dash for it in the middle. The Coco Jojo pool may not be a good option for people with larger dogs or dogs that are very hyperactive, but otherwise makes for a very reasonable buy.

  • Great for small/medium dogs
  • Pockets on side for additional storage
  • Thick double walled polyester
  • Too small for larger dogs

Large Dog Paddling Pool

#3 Multi Functional Premium Dogs Paddling Pool

Not lagging too far behind, the multifunctional premium dogs paddling pool from Bramble is a robust and sturdy construct not unlike the FEMOR pool. Although considerably smaller in size at 80 cm wide and a proper 30 cm deep, it still makes for a very good paddling pool for people with medium to large sized dogs, although very large dogs like Akitas might be a tighter fit. However, because of the size it makes for a much better fit for children and smaller dogs, who can comfortably play in it for as long as they like, with no issues with overflowing. The bright and colourful fire engine red outer finish and and robin’s egg blue inner lining appeals to everyone, and definitely brightens up a summer afternoon. Even when the plan includes more children than dogs in the party.

For dogs especially, though, it makes for the ideal play environment in the hot summer. The main construction of the pool is made out of PVC, extra durable and extra tough, with strong plastic walls and an additionally grooved surface that prevents slipping on it when wet. It inflates and deflates with equal ease and stores away with no hard work required. In fact the most energy you’ll burn with this doggy pool is probably while playing in it with your dogs.

Whether as a mini bath station or a summer dunk tank for your dogs, if you’re planning a good spot to cool off without much effort involved, this is the paddling pool for you.

  • Inflates and deflates easily – easy set up
  • Nice colours
  • Material not as durable as other options (plastic)

#4 DELIFUR Foldable PVC Dog Cat Water Pool

This paddling pool is almost like a hard paddling pool because of how sturdy it is once set up. If you have a small dog, cat, or guinea pig that is in need of his own private paddling pool for the summer, this is the pool for you. Even smaller than the Coco Jojo pool, this one is a tiny  31.5″x.9″. It can be used comfortably for subminiature dog like Tiny teacup poodle, and small-size terriers. Also, it’s pretty neat for other small pets like hamsters or guinea pigs, but not for dogs of any breeds above medium.

The pool itself is made out of Fibreboard squares and PVC lining covering well padded and rounded edges, and has a watertight inside. The pool can be set up quite easily and folds down into the squares for easy storage.

One downside is that it’s rather expensive for its size, although it is very sturdy. Little dogs can’t get out on their own since the walls are so well built, so it’s definitely a good choice for dog owners with small pooches that require a lot of monitoring.

  • Easy to set up
  • Made from durable PVC material
  • Sturdy
  • Bit overpriced

#5 Beyondfashion PVC Cat Dog Swimming Pool

The Beyondfashion dog swimming pool is a picture right out of a children’s story book. A plush looking red pool with plenty of space for your dog to do his best seal imitation in, whether it’s in the middle of afternoon, or on the dreaded bath weekend.

Made of thickened and reinforced MDF plates, the structure is covered with a PVC lining and ultraviolet protection to make sure it doesn’t get sun damaged, as well as cold resistant, because of which it keeps very well in storage, too. The edges are also reinforced and well padded, and the entire structure leakproof, with only one easily sealable outlet for when you want to drain the entire thing out.

The Beyondfashion paddling pool is very well suited for large to very large dogs, as it spans 120 cm across and 30 cm wide, on par with some of the biggest doggy pools out there. And even when summer has gone by and you have storage issues on hand, the entire thing folds down to square section for easy storage in any cabinet or shelf. This is definitely a paddling pool you should consider for your home.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Suitable for all dog size even very large dogs
  • Easy to fold down and store
  • Edges reinforced and well padded
  • n/a

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