5 Best No Pull Dog Harnesses in the UK for 2021

best no pull dog harness

One of the best things about having a dog is being able to take him on long walks and trips to the park, where both of you can relax and enjoy yourselves. The problem arises when you own a dog who can’t really obey when you tell to stop pulling, or to slow down.

So, the end result is you having to dig your heels into the ground, just to hold on to your dog, who is usually very happy and relatively clueless about having caused you pain or annoyance.

The easiest way to instill some discipline in your dog is to use a dog harness. A dog harness distributes the power of your ‘pulling’ over the shoulders and back of the neck for your dog. The idea is that your dog never gets strained, but also listens to you. Here are some of the best anti pull dog harnesses you can find:

Best Choice
Julius-K9, 162P0, K9-Powerharness, dog harness, Size: 0, Black
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fiE FIT INTO EVERYWAY Range Of Front Side No Pull Dog Harness Outdoor Adventure 3M Reflective Pet Vest with Handle Adjustable Protective Nylon Walking Pet Harness Orange M
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High Quality Option
MOKCCI Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness .Best Reflective No Pull Harness with Handle and 2 Leash Attachments
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Best No Pull Dog Harness – Our Top 5

No Pull Dog Harness – Our Top Choice

#1 Julius K9 PowerHarness for Dogs

If you’re looking for a stable dog harness, but also one that can be dressed up a little, the Julius power harness is the one for you. It’s a singularly sturdy piece of equipment, with buckles and adjustments wide enough to fit a very large dog, or a very small one, as you would need it to be.

One of the best no pull dog harnesses, the Julius dog harness is available wide enough to fit a dog with a chest circumference of 58-76cm, and a weight of 13-25kg. So obviously, it’s a heavy duty no pull dog harness. The harness itself is a flexible 41 x 21 x 3 cm. The closable handles of the frame allow dogs to be handled, petted, and played with regularity. Your dog isn’t immobilized, obviously, but his movements can definitely be controlled more closely by you.

The harness also has a heavy-duty buckle, that doubles how securely the harness fits your dog. The surface of the harness is also water repellant, which gives it fewer chances of slipping, should it rain or your dog get wet in any way. The whole harness also fits very snugly on your dog and can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

There’s also the fun aspect of a dog who is geared up to go for his walk. The harness comes with options for interchangeable patches, that let you switch up what ‘badges’ your dog is wearing out today. You can change his entire look up depending on what badges you have for him. Admittedly, for your dog, it’s just another thing to play with, but he’ll definitely look great doing it!

  • Sturdy & heavy duty
  • Fits most dog sizes
  • Looks good
  • Comfortable for your dog
  • n/a

Best Anti-Pull Dog Harness

#2 Fit Into Everyway No-Pull Dog Harness

One of the best ways to ensure that your dog learns how to stop pulling on his lead, the FiE Fit Into Everyway Adventure harness for dogs has a unique and snug design that fits your dog’s frame over the shoulders and chest very snugly. This allows you much more control over your dog’s movements. It also allows you to hold against a straining dog without worrying about being too forceful against his chest or neck region.

The problem is often that dogs get way too excited and pull indiscriminately against their lead. When it’s only on a collar, this makes you worry about accidentally choking them, even when they’re practically choking themselves trying to pull ahead.

 A dog harness to stop pulling tendencies like the FiE harness comes with design features like two leash attachment points: a sturdy D ring on the dog’s back, and webbing with an O ring on the dog’s chest. These help in equitable distribution of force with no sharp lines anywhere.

The Nylon webbing material comes with 3M reflective coating, so your dog is visible even in dim light or at night. There’s also a sturdy, thick handle, through which you can loop a car seat belt, if you’re driving with your dog somewhere.

The outside material is resistant and stylish Oxford material, which means that it’s lightweight enough to make the harness easy to wear, yet sturdy enough to afford you good control.

The inside material is non-abrasive, so no matter how long or short your dog’s fur is, there’s no chance of it rubbing against his skin and causing him any abrasions. Or even that it creates any pressure points. There’s soft sponge padding over your dog’s chest and belly region, so it won’t poke him anywhere.

The whole setup is available in 3 bright and cheery colour options, and five sizes, so you can find your dog’s perfect fit with no fuss at all! Not only will your dog learn how to behave better when you take him on walks, but he’ll also look great doing it!

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Great for control
  • High vis colours
  • Well distributed weight
  • n/a

Dog Harness To Stop Pulling – Top Choice

#3 MOKCI Soft Front Dog Harness

A harness with a twist, the MOKCI soft front dog harness will make your dog look like a character out of your favorite children’s storybook. In a happy shade of purple, the harness is actually designed as a non pull dog harness that lets you teach your dog to not tug against his leash, when you’re out with him.

The harness has a unique design, with a lightweight Draftex buckle that can take on enormous loading capacity, and greatly increases the amount of tensile strength afforded to the fabric.

The material outside is a durable and scratch resistant cover of Oxford material, that gives you a solid hold, and looks stylish the whole time. The shape of the harness is ergonomically ideal, with a very comfortable fit for your dog, and easy adjustability, as well as ease of putting on or taking off.

The harness also comes with multiple safety features, such as extra strong nylon webbing, that holds very firm with just a little bit of ‘give’ to it, as well as reflective material coating, that gives you extra clear visibility at night, and lets your dog be doubly protected. There’s also a spacious handle, that you can use as the seat belt attachment, when your dog is in the car with you.

The harness is made of all high-quality materials and you can use it flexibly. There’s also a neat little lightweight mesh lining with a soft sponge padding, so that your dog’s chest and belly region has an extra layer of protection. The edges of the harness are not particularly stiff or sharp, but the sponge makes sure that your dog’s fur never gets abraded against.

There are also two large leash attachment points, that is, two aluminium alloy V rings that attach on your dog’s back, with a stainless steel O ring across your dog’s chest. These allow for equitable distribution of force and pull. The rings are very strong and practically break-proof.

If you’re looking for a bright and colourful, yet strong harness for your dog, this is the harness you should go for.

  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Strong rings
  • Overall high quality
  • n/a

Best Non Pull Dog Harness

#4 Eagoo No Pull Dog Harness

An amazing no-pull design, the Eagloo dog harness gives you so much more control than any dog store variant of a harness ever could. The Eagloo dog harness has 2 zinc alloy rings that fasten across your dog’s chest and back, and allow the loops and leash to distribute strain and pressure without forming any lines across your dog’s chest or throat.

Dogs don’t realize how hard they’re straining, and often end up contorting themselves trying to strain against their leashes. In situations like these, using these back ring accesses help you control your dog while annoying no pressure to accumulate against his throat.

The layer of nylon webbing adds another extra layer of flexibility to the harness, as well as protection, because it’s also reflective. So when you’re out at night or in the evening in dim light, it’s very handy.

There’s also a loop on the back, through which you can put your car’s seat belt, if you want to strap your dog in when you’re taking him on a ride with you. The harness is very comfortable for your dog, without letting him get out of hand in any way. If you get the sizing right for your dog, this is a harness you can really hold on to!

  • Very comfortable for your dog
  • Distributes strain and pressure well
  • Reflective
  • n/a

Anti Pull Dog Leads – Good Value

#5 Dog and Field Anti Pull Dog Leads

A control measure of a different sort, the Dog and Field anti pull dog lead helps you get your dog to stop pulling on his lead. A simple design with no fuss set up, the lead is an extra soft braided nylon lead, which gives you strong hold without being abrasive against your dog’s tender mouth in any way.

The anti pull system trains your dog and teaches him that pulling doesn’t give him his way. Also, when he can’t pull himself away or drag you along faster, he learns to settle in and walk with you, not against you.

The nylon rope is very durable and at 200 cm long, it’s long enough to be suitable for most dog breeds. Also, you can adjust the length of that lead to suit your needs and situation, so it’s very adaptable. The diameter is 8 mm, which gives you an idea of how strong it is as well.

If you’re looking for an alternative from a harness for your dog, the anti pull dog lead is definitely something you can use.

  • Cheap and cheerful
  • Nice quality rope
  • Comfortable
  • Not as effective as a typical harness to prevent pulling

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