5 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds for 2021

best memory foam dog beds

Memory foam and mattresses have become ubiquitous these days, wherever cushion or mattress options for people come into question. Their undeniable comfort and the ease with which they optimise themselves to suit every individual is responsible for this popularity.

But did you know that these options exist for your pets, too? Memory foam dog beds are quickly replacing regular sponge or padded dog beds, especially for dog owners who are looking to buy a quality solution for their dogs’ needs.

A memory foam dog bed saves your pooch a lot of cramping and stiff joints – just like they do for humans. In fact, dogs can sleep up to 14 hours a day as they get older, so this is an item that will be needing some attention while picking. Here are the best memory foam dog beds you can pick up for your pet:

Best Choice
PetFusion Large Dog w/Solid 10 cm Memory Foam, Waterproof liner, YKK premium zippers. Breathable cotton blend, removable & easy to clean. (Replacement covers & blankets also avail)
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JOYELF Medium Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa with Removable Washable Cover and Squeaker Toys as Gift
Customer Rating
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Great Value
SCM Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa - 100% Suede Removable Cover - 10cm Mattress Memory Foam Premium Prestige Edition - Ultimate Dog Bed for Large Dogs
Customer Rating
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Best Memory Foam Dog Beds – Top 5

#1 PetFusion Large Dog Memory Foam Bed

As fluffy as a cloud and as solid a dog bed as any, the PetFusion memory foam bed for dogs combines the best of science and comfort for dogs. Not only is it made with the best memory foam, but comes simply loaded with features.

The memory foam itself is a firm yet pliable, four-inch-thick stuffing, with ample recycled polyfill support bolsters distributed throughout the stuffing. These polyfill bolsters add to the strength of the material.

The firmness of the memory foam ensures that every time your dog sits on it, he does not simply sink into a mattress, but receives full support from the mattress against his limbs and joints.

The mattress itself is encased with a waterproof mattress liner, which makes sure that the mattress remains safe from spills on the floor or any ‘accidents’ on the bed. Even if the mattress cover gets soaked through, the mattress liner will keep the memory foam dry and clean. This makes cleaning up so unimaginably easier.

However, a water resistant cover also comes with the mattress. It minimises soakage of any liquids through it. It’s also machine washable, which lets you clean it thoroughly with minimal fuss. This makes it ideal for young pups as well as for older dogs, who are starting to lose control a little.

The cover is also made with a 65/35 cotton twill/polyester blend, which lets the mattress ‘breathe’ despite continuous usage. It prevents build up of odours within the mattress and bed, and lets your dog sleep in a fresh bed each time he plonks down for a snooze.

Being soft, the material is also very non-abrasive, which allows your dog to relax and snuggle in. there are two zipper compartments along the sides of the bed, with pre-placed bolster pillows, so you don’t have to fluff them or reposition them each time. In fact, they only ever need to be pulled out or replaced when you want to give them a wash.

The PetFusion memory foam dog bed comes in elegant neutral colors, and can sit in the middle of your living room without looking incongruous. The bottom of the mattress has non-skid patches on it, so it does just fine on tile or hardwood floors as well. 

It’s an ideal purchase for dogs of any breed, whether short haired or long haired, whether large or small. It allows dogs to sleep in whichever position is most comfortable for them, and ‘stores’ the shape, too.

The dog bed memory foam is ideal for older dogs, who often have arthritis and stiff joints and limbs. It provides them with adequate head and neck support while resting. It also helps improve their recovery time and mobility, and ensures that they get the best possible comfort whenever they sleep.

  • Extremely comfortable dog bed
  • Waterproof lining and polyester pillows
  • Machine washable, easy to clean, easy to dis- and reassemble
  • It is not bite proof or tear resistant

#2 JOYELF Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

You might be wondering how an orthopedic memory foam dog bed differs from regular memory foam. Just take a look at the dog bed from Joyelf, because it’s a perfect example of one.

Unlike other regular dog beds, Joyelf orthopedic memory foam dog bed comes with a memory foam lining that has been designed to provide the best possible support to your dog’s spine, elbows, knees, and hips.

While sleeping on a bed that does not provide support, the joints get strained at unnatural angles. And seeing as dogs can sleep anywhere in the range of 15-17 hours per day (22 for puppies!), this is a lot of time spent damaging their joints.

But with an orthopedic pet bed like Joyelf, your dog gets ample support at these sites. This prevents the onset of joint disease in dogs, as well as delays its progression in older dogs who already suffer from it.

The Joyelf memory foam mattress is made with filled-to-the-brim packed PP cotton, which is of higher quality than regular cotton. This contributes to the support factor and to the firmness and elasticity of the bed. The high density and resilient material has a certain amount of ‘give’. But your dog won’t sink into a pile of fluff, either.

The orthopedic dog bed mattress is covered by a waterproof and tear resistant mattress cover, which makes sure that the mattress doesn’t end up getting soaked by spills on it or doggy accidents, making it ideal for puppers and older dogs. The mattress surface is also flame retardant, in case of any unfortunate mishaps.

The bottom of the bed is also waterproof, and lined with non-slip mats, which makes sure that the bed stays where you put it. This also allows your dog better traction while getting up or getting in, which is so important on slippery floors, especially for senior dogs.

The top of the bed is covered with a light, airy cotton cover, that is soft and plush on the sides. large , fluffy pillows make sure that your dog can plop right onto the bed and be as snug as a bug in a rug! The large bolster pillows are cotton padded, and offer incredible support to your dog’s head, neck, and upper spine as he lies on them.

The cover is easy to clean and machine washable, as are the pillows. This makes tidying up dreamily easy and is very convenient with multiple puppers.

This model by Joyelf is ideal for small to medium sized dogs, who have plenty of extra space while curling up in it. Plus, there’s a free squeaky chew toy in it for them!

  • High quality memory foam with waterproof lining and soft, plush, tear resistant surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for small to medium dogs (larger sizes available)
  • Deep memory foam mattress, but the bed is thin at the bottom, which is an issue for some pets

#3 SCM Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge

A marvel of memory foam engineering, the SCM ultimate orthopedic dog bed and lounger is the product of painstaking design and attention to details.

Designed with great emphasis on support and comfort, the SCM ultimate memory foam dog bed provides your pampered pooch with a solid, thick, and soft mattress that lets him sleep in comfort, without any added stress on his pressure points.

While sleeping on the floor or on very thin or very soft mattresses, dogs’ skeletons are subjected to inordinate strain because of the awkward angling. With SCM dog beds however, this entire issue is completely eliminated.

A Maxima premium baby mattress-grade memory foam mattress lies at the heart of this construction. The mattress is engineered to be suitable even for babies, so the design standards are unquestionable. Their patented memory foam technology supplies your pooch with support while he sleeps, for his entire body.

The mattress itself is covered with a waterproof and fur resistant lining. So not only is it safe from water or any other liquids, but will also not turn into a fur trap for your pupper’s fur. This is a highly advantageous feature for long haired dogs or dogs who shed a lot. You simply need to shake it out for a quick fix.

The cover is made from ultra-premium microfiber suede, which makes it soft and cozy, but also affords a certain amount of spring and elasticity to the construction. And not only is it fur resistant but also chew proof! So even a somewhat naughty pooch will do great with this bed.

The top has a metal zip lining (YKK standard pure metal), which is so convenient for removing and putting back on. It cleans well with local sprays and cleaners, too.

The whole thing is also machine washable, which adds to its ease of maintenance. Oh, and the zips and lines are tucked inwards, so your precious pooch won’t accidentally scratch himself on it!

The recyclable polyfills used for the mattress, as well as the natural materials make this one of the ‘greener’ options you can buy. The bottom is also lined to be non-slip, so the bed will be stable even on slippery or tiled floors.

The bed size makes it very suitable for both small to medium sized dogs. Larger breeds can also fit in, but the larger visions are ideal for them. It’s a luxurious choice, but our dogs deserve just that!

  • High quality, baby mattress grade dog memory foam mattress, designed for ultimate ergonomic comfort
  • Relieves pressure points and lets dogs settle in without sinking
  • Waterproof lining, split-resistant and fur resistant cover.
  • No smaller option available for tiny or toy dogs

#4 Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This charming offering from Bedsure boasts an elegant design with outstanding functionality. Designed specifically to help ease joint stiffness, joint pains, and soreness in arthritic or senior dogs, the Bedsure pet bed also works wonders in preventing them in younger dogs.

The structure of the memory foam lets your dog lie on a soft, plush surface that is firm enough to give their joints support. The high quality, 6.35 cm thick memory foam ‘molds’ itself to your dog’s shape, which allows your dog to sleep without the lumps and bumps of ordinary mattresses.

But that’s not all. The mattress is surrounded by thick, fluffy, bolster pillows attached by a zip lining on three sides, so your pooch can lounge in it as he likes, with ample neck and head support. This is a blessing for older dogs, who often have sore shoulders and necks from sleeping flat.

The memory foam dog mattress is protected both above and below from water damage by a waterproof mattress liner. The liner makes sure that no liquid seeps into the mattress.

On the base of the bed is another rubber sheeting, which prevents any liquid from getting into the bed from the floor. It also adds a non-slip traction to the bed.

The cover of the bed is made with a luxurious stain resistant faux-linen fabric, which has been designed to be liquid-resistant and fur-resistant to a certain extent as well. This protects it from any spills on it, because the liquid will not seep down so quickly, and keeps it safe from fur sticking to it, too.

The fluffy, airy, resplendent microsherpa sleeping surface is extremely cozy, and your pooch will be tucked into its soft interior every time he wants to lounge a bit. The wrap-around gusset adds to the comfort factor here as well.

And when you need to wash it, all the liners come off with easy zips, and the whole thing can be tossed into the washing machine for a quick tumble.

Easy to clean, and easy to assemble for your waiting pooch- or cat! Because once kitty finds out how comfortable it is, he will make sure you get him one, too!

  • Very luxurious
  • Thick and durable
  • Machine washable lining, waterproof, both fluid- and fur resistant
  • Not chew resistant, so not suited for dogs who chew on their mattresses a lot
  • The bed surface tends to wear easily, so blankets may be a good idea

#5 Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Mattress

Between the mattress and the bed, Bedsure is sure good at one thing- memory foam dog mattresses. All the wonders of the Bedsure orthopedic memory foam dog bed is preserved in this mattress, but with added versatility.

Because of its open shape, the Bedsure mattress can be used in a multitude of ways. So, whether you want to put it on the living room carpet, or in the back of your car, or on the inside of your dog’s crate, the mattress lends itself to use equally well. In every setting, it’s an orthopedic dog bed large dogs will appreciate!

There’s all sorts of added delightful little features as well. The memory foam itself is 7.6 cm thick, supple, and offers a firm but soft surface for your dog to lie down on. There is also an egg crate foam surface, which helps your dog’s weight distribute evenly across the surface of the mattress. At the same time, the raised pattern allows air circulation through the mattress and around and under your pooch as well.

But while the interior of the mattress will ensure that his joints and spine are not strained while lying down, the surface will make sure that he is comfortable. Which surface, you ask? Well, both of them!

The top of the mattress bed is lined with decadently soft and luxurious fleece, which keeps your pet warm and toasty in the colder months. But when it’s warm, you can simply flip the cover over.

The bottom of the mattress is lined with an oxford fabric back. That, combined with the egg crate foam, keeps your pooch cool during the summer months, with ample air circulating around him.

The Oxford fabric also makes the mattress chew-proof, so this doggy bed will be safe from all but the most determined of mischievous doggos. It’s also soft, so whether your dog wants to curl up or sprawl out, he will be equally comfortable.

The covering of the mattress is water resistant. Not only will the surface avoid water, but your dog can also stay dry and cozy. With an ordinary sponge or plain cotton mattress, the entire crate becomes a wet and smelly mess in no time, that your poor dog has to endure till you can clean it up.

And speaking of cleaning up, you don’t really have to, with the Bedsure mattress. The cover unzips very easily along two sides and is machine washable. You can simply zip the fresh mattress back on and toss it down wherever your pooch likes to park himself. It’s an instant ideal bed for your dog, wherever you want it to go!

  • Egg crate design adds ease of ventilation
  • High quality memory foam base
  • Ideal for warm and cold weather; Can be used as a crate lining
  • Does not have pillows or raised sides, so there is no neck support for dogs lying on it

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