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When you’re taking your dog out for a walk, It can be incredibly annoying to not have your hands free. Sometimes outfits need extra maneuvering that can’t be done with one hand.

Untangling the leash for example. Or, using your keys, or your phone, Or holding onto more than one pet dog. All these activities, indeed, any multitasking while walking your dog can turn into a juggling act.

This is why using hands-free dog Leads and leashes is the best solution to the messy tangle of objects that walking your dog can turn into. Not only do you have your hands free, but also the chances of your dog tugging away from you or suddenly jerking o out of your hand are completely minimized. Here are some of the best hands free dog Leads and leashes recommended for dog owners.

Best Choice
Hands Free Dog Lead for Running / Premium Quality Dog Walking Belt by Barkswell - Bungee Lead, Reflective with Double Sided Lined Pouch - Up to 60 Kg - Great Leash for Handsfree Running , Jogging or Walking with Dogs
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Sweetie Hands Free Dog Lead for Running - Dog Walking Belt Adjustable with Zipped Pouch & Poop Bag Holder - 4 FT Reflective Shock Absorbing Jogging Leash with 2 Handles
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High Quality Option
Cadrim Hands Free Dog Walking Belt Ajustable Dog Leash Waist Belt Pet Dog Leash Coupler Running and Jogging Lead Belt for Dogs with 2 Pack Bags and Reflective Strip (grey)
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Hands Free Dog Leads & Leashes – Top 5

#1 Barkswell Hands Free Running Dog Lead

The Barkswell hands-free running dog lead is on top of the list for very good reason. Designed expressly for active dog owners, it lends itself very flexible to dog owners who take their pets along for daily adventures.

What stands out most in the design is the strength of the lead. The lead is made from high-quality material that can withstand literal years of heavy-duty use.

Although very tough, the lead is made from a lightweight material that does not wear your belt down. The buckle is adjustable very easily and can fit wastes from 71 cm to 121 cm [therefore, pretty much anyone]. The belt also allows you to adjust where the dog is allowed to go, using a movable D ring.

It’s not simply like having a chain on your waist, though. The Buckwell dog lead has a certain amount of flexibility. This allows it to not yank on your dog’s neck when he’s pulling against it. At the same time, your dog won’t be able to pull away either.

This sort of ‘Bungee lead‘ allows your dog to dive a little away from you without getting away. The idea here is to make sure that your dog can play and not interrupt his movement while keeping him under control.

And naturally, this is where flexibility is very important. Not only is it kinder to your dogs neck, but also helps the lead survive many years of continuous use.

In addition to the many other features, there is also a two compartment zippered pouch that attaches on the belt. This is extremely useful when you’re out on a walk with your dog. You can use the compartments to carry your phone, wallet, keys, or any other items you like, as well as doggy essentials, like poop bags.

The lead itself extends to about 106 cm to 137cm long, with an extra 50 cm of flexible springy material. That’s more than enough to take your dog on some nice off the beaten path adventures. Whether it’s running, hiking, biking, or a walk through the park, the lead allows your dog to move with you with no stress.

One of the best things is the ability to carry poop bags on your belt, should your dog need to make a bathroom stop. You will always be prepared with the Barkswell dog lead.

And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the Barkswell lead also has a reflective stitching on the waste. Just to make sure that you are extra visible even under dim light conditions. It’s simply one hands-free dog leashes that you can find.

  • Tough, strong, high quality material
  • Long lasting lead
  • Strong buckles that move smoothly
  • Space efficient design
  • Best dog lead for running
  • Single line reflective stitching.

#2 Sweetie Hands Free Dog Lead

If you’re looking to work with both hands while walking your dog, look no further. The Sweetie Hands free dog leash is the solution to your dog walking multitasking problem.

Made of exceptionally high quality, super strong, tough and shock absorbent dual bungee cord material, the Sweetie lead is the ideal solution for dog owners of medium to large dogs.

Taking medium to large dogs on walks and are being exceptionally strenuous. The reason behind this is that holding onto the dog with one hand ends up giving you arm and back pain, no matter how well you try to divide strain.

In such cases, having the dog need fixed your middle stabilizes the pull that the dog gives on the leash.  The consequence is a dog you can walk, run, play, and move with a certain amount of independence, without losing control.

 The dog lead attaches with two handles. You can use the first handle to keep your dog in line, so he never gets away from you. At the same time, he has a certain range of movement as well. This makes sure he can play, but not get away.

 The second dog lead handle can be used as a traffic handle. You can use it to guide your dog in traffic, crowds, or any situations or gatherings where you need to keep an extra eye on your dog’s movement. This also applies to when you’re walking your dog and other dogs are present. Dog owners of large dogs will be very familiar with every small dog who passes by being threatened by their presence.

The lead is a generous 120 cm long, and stretches out to up to 170 cm. Not only is it flexible, but also comes with a lead belt that accommodates Waists up to 122 cm in width.

As an extra, the waist belt also has extra D rings, which give you the option of attaching yet another lead, training clickers, pet accessories, etc. These come in exceptionally useful especially while using poop bags. Should your pet have a little ’accident’ why are you walking him, you will be prepared to clean it up. 

 And if that wasn’t enough, the lead also has reflective stitching. This allows it to be seen in the low light conditions. Therefore if you’re thinking of taking a dog walking at dawn of dusk, you don’t have to wait till the sun comes out again.

All of these features make the one of the best dog leads for running out there and generally a lot of physical activities.

  • Perfect for medium to large dogs
  • Can withstand large amounts of pull
  • Tough, strong construct
  • Extra rings for more attachment options
  • Leash is rather long (but retractable)

#3 Cadrim Hands Free Dog Walking Lead

Yet one more exceptional item on this list, the Cadrim hands free dog walking need is a strong, tough, contender that is one of the best dog running leads out there.

Made of very strong high-quality materials, the lead is designed to ensure that it can withstand a large amount of force and strain from the side of the dog on the leash. This hands-free lead is made with a single goal in mind: to free up your hands for more important tasks.

The lead uses a secure, unique design, to ensure a long life with these materials to its users. This is one of the reasons why the Cadrim lead is so often used by dogs who accompanied the owners on very active expeditions. This includes dogs, for example, who go biking, tracking, or wandering. Come rain or snow, you will be ready for a walk with your dog.

Going hands-free does not mean that you’re not responsible for what your dog is doing. On the contrary, one can only go hands-free when you’re sure that your dog is going to listen to you.

 The Cadrim set not just a lead though, but an entirely set. This set comes with an adjustable dog leash that flips in as a waist belt, two pack bags, as well as reflective strips. This is not including the adjustable belt that comes as a strap-on belt

On top of everything the lead also has reflective strips and make sure that your dog and you are clearly visible even under low light conditions.

The reflective strip on the list make sure that even you are visible at night, and not just your dog. The waistband is adjustable, and very comfortable. It can be adjusted between 76 to 110 cm. It comes with a Triglide adjuster, which allows you to use less fabric, as you like.

Not only will the belt accommodate most waists, but will also accommodate most kinds of dog running habits. This means that if he is used to being petted by people around him, or used to avoiding people around him, he can navigate himself with ease. You don’t have to angle or untangle the lead in order to reign him in at the mouth.

And while this gives you some independence, you have the option of holding this dog leash like a normal leash at the top, should you want to do that. This makes it a great tool,  adjustable for what you like. If you need to keep your dog reigned in tightly, you can do just that. If you want to let him run next to you and keep your hands free, you can also do that.

The lead is made of strong material but is still flexible enough to have some pull  at the waist.  Not to mention, it’s also luminous.

And some cases the buckle design can be a little problematic. Because it’s made of plastic, sometimes, your dog can pull really hard on it, and wrap it in a chokehold. This makes its use a little guarded with dogs who are very high spirited.

The lead also has attachments for two portable bags. One can be used as a pouch for keys, bags etc.  The other is a mini zipper bag. Both attach at the waist belt for maximum comfort.

The lead extends to a full 110 cm which is more than enough for a dog to explore without getting into trouble.  The presence of only one D Ring makes multitasking a little tricky, but not undoable. 

If you are looking for a medium budget, but efficient hands-free dog lead for your dog, this is the one you should go for.

  • Design allows a lot of flexibility
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Strong materials in construct
  • Leash is a little shorter than the other brands

#4 PupRepublic Perfect Dog Running Lead

Walking your dog can put an inordinate amount of strain on your core muscles, your shoulder, your back, and arm. Even if you switch arms while walking your dog, excitable dogs will jerk the leash at least a few times.

To avoid this issue, dog leads for running like the Puprepublic hands-free lead allow you to work with almost all breeds of dogs larger than about 8 KG, without putting any strain on your back.

This hands free dog lead comes with a comfortable belt that accommodates from 68 to 120 cm in width. The belt moves smoothly because of the clip around the waist, to allow your dog to move more.

 But you need to shorten your dogs leash at any moment, you can simply use the second D ring, to get your dog closer to you again.

 The Puprepublic leash is made from a very tough weather resistant fabric that is marked with triple lines of reflective stitching. This allows you to have maximum visibility even if low light. 

  Also, two padded handles made of neoprene and a grab knot allow you to have even more freedom of movement, but the elastic allows limited handling. Free poo bag dispensers come with this set, too!

  • Free poo bag dispenser
  • Comfortable belt
  • Tough and durable
  • Good dog running lead
  • Elastic material is not great quality
  • Leash can end up not staying on the waist or trousers at all
  • Not all dogs adapt to it right away

#5 ADOGO Hands Free Dog Lead

Another hands-free dog lead, this waist dog lead from premium is definitely worth consideration as well.

Not in the same quality class as the other leads, for people looking for a lightweight option to the more heavy-duty bungee leads, the ADOGO hands free dog lead is an option.

It is the lead of high tensile strength webbing, and double sewn stitches. Also the shock absorbing capacity is not as good as the other leads, so it works well with small to medium dogs.

One thing in its favor is the amount of space in the waistband.  The lead has two spacious expandable pouches on the waistband. These can be used to store multiple items.

The ADOGO lead also has reflective stitching, along with the heavy duty buckles, two handles on the lead for better control, and a metal clasp that turns a full 360°. Not a bad bargain at this price point!

  • Bargain
  • Strong lead
  • Works well for small to medium sized dogs
  • Reasonable price
  • Quality is lower than the other options

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