5 Best Dog Toothpastes for 2021

best dog toothpaste

Having a dog usually means having to have frequent encounters with their faces. Specifically, their mouths- and their breaths. Dogs are notorious for having foul breath, and as much as it is adorable that they like to lick us whenever they can, the after effects of being exposed to dog breath can be unpleasant to straight up retch inducing. It’s not just about aesthetics, though.

Bad breath is an ever present problem but it can represent the occurrence of something a lot of sinister than your dog having eaten something smelly- gum disease.

With the kind of cereal and meat rich diets dogs have, their likelihood to develop gum disease increases vastly, as when compared to dogs that live on farms and have a wet food/mixed food diet. And just switching to a healthier diet with more fibre does not help fight tooth decay vigorously enough, or reverse already pre-existing gum disease. This usually results in a lot of tooth problems with age, and a load of vet bills.

To prevent this, it’s important to train our dogs to get their mouth cleaned regularly. Luckily these toothpastes are excellent at removing plaque on dog’s teeth and also great to remove tartar from dog’s teeth as well. Here are some of the best dog toothpastes and oral hygiene products you can find for your pets.

Best Choice
The Company of Animals ARM & HAMMER Paste & Brush Set Clear
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Good All-Rounder
LOGIC Oral Hygiene Gel for Dogs & Cats, 70g
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Best Dog Toothpastes – Our Top 5

1. ARM & HAMMER Paste & Brush Set

This dental care set from The Company Of Animals is a superb addition to your doggy dental care product list, and without a doubt one of the best dog teeth cleaning products. The kit comes with a naturally derived toothpaste that works on your dog’s teeth and helps whiten them. Not only does it aid in removing the yellowish stains that come from prolonged lack of cleaning, but also helps remove the residue over time, effectively giving your dog fresh, minty breath as well.

The Arm and Hammer toothpaste is made with a special formula. It contains added baking soda, which has a neutralising action on bad breath in dogs. The baking soda releases effervescence, which produces bubbles along your dog’s gum line and between his teeth. Not only does it kill bacteria, but it also helps in eroding accumulated plaque, build up, and tartar.

Plus, the baking soda content helps provide the mildest possible exfoliative action. And the slight shift in pH it causes is even more protective in nature, against the micro-organisms that love to colonise your dog’s mouth. In addition, the kit has a dual headed toothbrush and a finger toothbrush, so that you can clean your dog’s teeth with the tools most comfortable for him- and you. The brush is smaller on one side and larger on the other, so you can reach all the corners of your dog or cat’s mouth, even when they are fairly small in size.

The toothpaste is loaded with all-natural ingredients like  glucosamine, aloe Vera, green tea leaf extract, chamomile and natural herbs. All of these have a protective action for your dog’s teeth and gums. The formulation is very potent, which is why you need only a little amount to clean your dog’s teeth every day.

And despite being effective enough to reach all the small crevices in your pet’s teeth, the formula is very gentle and very safe!

  • Derived from natural ingredients
  • Baking soda included – great for bad breath and neutralising acid
  • Gentle and safe formula
  • n/a

2. Beef Flavour Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste With Toothbrush Set

This specialized doggy dental care kit comes with a full set of items for a fastidious doggy owner. The toothpaste itself comes highly recommended by vets, with an unusual beef flavour that puppies and dogs go bonkers about. The 100g beef flavoured toothpaste comes with a boosted enzymatic content, that helps it actively reduce the growth of bacteria in your pet’s mouth, while at the same time boosting his natural immunity against gum disease.

Not only do dogs absolutely love the flavour, but they also very quickly get trained to having their mouths cleaned almost as a treat, because of the food association that they make. The toothpaste is specially formulated to fight tartar and old build up from pre-wash days. And, it leaves them with fresh and clean breath. No more stinking!

The toothbrush that comes with the kit is also a wonder. It has very short and soft bristles, that will never poke your dog’s gums too sharply. In fact, they end up providing a nice massage, which reinforces the pleasant experience for your dog, all the while his teeth and gums are getting thoroughly cleaned. This works very well even for dogs with inflamed or sensitive gums. The toothbrush itself has a long handle with a double head- on either side. So it does not require a lot of effort to manoeuvre. Additionally, the toothbrush itself has a small and a large head.

This means that you can use either of the two to clean your dog’s teeth. Whether its his flat from teeth or shiny back teeth, he will be more relaxed and calm, compared to when your using any sort of restraint to make your dog open his mouth and allow you to clean his mouth out. And when nothing else, you can use the finger brush, too. It’s a very economical option, as you get all these choices in one kit, and you can adapt and use them as suitable to get the layers of built up food residue off the teeth. It’s an especially significant problem around the back teeth, the molars, so the small toothbrush head rises to the occasion here.

Not only is it good for dogs, but delicious and so very safe for them, too. It is formulated specifically for dogs and has no side effects. It will not cause any bad effects or even side effects, even if your pet swallows it. Not to mention, it works its magic for your dog’s oral hygiene. This Petstoreo kit brings everything important into one safe place- with lovely after effects of shiny, pearly teeth in your view all the time!

  • Recommended by vets
  • Meat taste is tasty for dogs
  • Included soft bristle tooth brush and finger brush
  • n/a

3. LOGIC Oral Hygiene Gel for Dogs & Cats

The LOGIC oral hygiene gel is a top notch tool when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene for dogs- as well as for cats. The oral gel is formulated to be appealing for pets, and contains a mixture of multiple enzymes and multi-enzyme complexes, including amylase, glucoamylase, glucose oxidase, potassium thiocyanate, lactoferrine, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, superoxide dismutase.

Enzymes like amylase are not present in dog and cat saliva. They help break down food particles lodged in their gums and between their teeth. Lysozyme helps by attacking microbes that start growing in such collections of food particles, and causes them to automatically die. In addition, the multi-enzyme complex in the gel helps dogs’ own salivary systems to develop a natural and active resistance to tooth decay.

As if this wasn’t enough, it’s even easier than toothpaste to apply onto your dog’s teeth. The gel has a surfactant action that helps it glide onto the tooth surface. Using the finger toothbrush that comes with the gel, you can easily spread the gel across your dog’s teeth, with no fuss involved. The surfactant action helps it adhere to the tooth as well as act on plaque that is already in the mouth, and break it down.

You don’t necessarily need to use the finger toothbrush, it works just as well without as well. And since the taste appeals to dogs (and cats!), you have no trouble convincing them to let you apply it. Once your dog has gotten used to letting you apply the gel, it quickly becomes part of routine and will become something you both are very thankful for. You can allow your dog to lick off a little smear of gel off his gum lining, which will be a good introduction to the taste for him. Simply repeat a couple of times, and your dog will be relaxed and easy to work with by the time you get the actual brush out.

Not only does the enzyme blend help fight bad breath and break down plaque, it also improves the overall health of your dog’s mouth. While puppies don’t need as frequent brushing as adult dogs, you can still start early with them to get them into the habit, as well as fight off early tooth decay. The taste is a malt flavour that pets like, and help keep their teeth and gums bacteria-free and healthy.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to your pet’s bad breath problem, this is the gel for you.

  • Tasty for dogs
  • Helps bad breath
  • Great for teeth and gums
  • n/a

4. PetSol Toothpaste For Dogs

The PetSol toothpaste is a specially designed formulated with heavy emphasis on making your pet’s breath smell minty clean. The formula is a nice pleasant change from all the food odours that accompany whatever your dog has been currently eating.

Not only does the PetSol toothpaste provide very strong defence against bacterial invasion, gum disease, tartar, build up, and plaque, but also teaches your dog to get used to the the slight discomfort which may accompany regular cleaning, especially the first few times.

While not all natural, the formula is still effective enough to provide your dog with a good defence mechanism against the above. At the same time, the formula is soft and mild enough to cause no side effects for your dog. Cellulose gum and sorbitol make it more palatable, and silicon dioxide in the formula gives it an additional detergent like action on your dog’s teeth.

Sometimes it’s a little problematic if your dog is already used to a meat flavoured toothpaste, or not comfortable with the stick toothbrush. but these are easily remedied issues. So if you are looking for a quick fix for your dog’s bad breath, give the PetSol kit a go.

  • Strong defence against bacteria
  • Soft and mild formula
  • Pleasant smelling breath
  • May be a challenge if your dog is used to a meat flavoured toothpaste

5. Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

The Beaphar brand toothbrush and toothpaste kit is a very handy addition to your shopping cart, if you have dogs who need a little extra help in the tooth care department. The anti-plaque formulation is very effective against fighting tartar and the growth of bacteria in all the little hot ‘pockets’ in your dog’s mouth, which provide a suitable environment for all the germs to grow in. Plus, tartar accumulates around the bases of canine teeth in layers of plaque, which rot the tooth under it. The Beaphar toothpaste targets this type of problem very efficiently.

Additionally, the toothpaste comes in a liver flavour that appeals very much to both dogs and cats. It’s even easier to apply because of the double headed toothbrush it comes with. One of the toothbrush heads is significantly smaller than the other, making it very simple to reach all the hard to reach nooks and crannies. It also makes it very versatile, since it can be used for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages (older than 12 weeks, of course). Ideally, healthy teeth should be a white to creamy white colour, with no streaks or visible brown patches or stains. The gums should be pink and firm, with no grey areas and no blackish, straggly corners or edges that appear withdrawn. This is often seen in dogs with bad gum disease, but can be stopped and to some extent, reversed with regular use of toothpastes like the Beaphar formulation.

There may be some concerns about getting your dog used to the flavour first, because some dogs reject the liver flavour even more strongly than they do mint, and most cats. The consistency is also a problem for some people, as it is a lot thinner than usual toothpaste texture. But if your dog adjusts to these, this is definitely a dental care kit you should consider for prolonged use.

  • Effective against tartar and bacteria
  • Included toothbrush
  • Some dogs don’t like the liver flavour
  • Thinner and more runny texture

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