Top 7 Best Dog Poop Bags in UK for 2021

best dog poop dogs uk

Taking your dog on a walk can be a great way to relax. However, for your dog, walks involve doing their business as well. And this can translate into trouble for you, if you don’t have a dog poop bag to pick the mess up with- or don’t have a bag on hand at all.

But what kind of bag you use is also very important. The best dog poop bags UK dog owners can stock up on, like the ones below, are sturdy, environment friendly, and user-friendly. You don’t need a flimsy polythene bag that rips open as you’re taking out of the package. What you need is a handy little helper, like one of these recommended poo bags for dogs.

Best Choice
Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags - 270 Extra Thick Poop Bags For Dogs | Each Lavender Scented Doggy Waste Bag Measures 22x33cm | 100% Leak-Proof Security
GREENER WALKER Poo Bags for Dog Waste, 540 Poop Bags,Extra Thick Strong 100% Leak Proof Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags (Brown)
100% Biodegradable
Pogi's Poop Bags - 50 Rolls (750 Dog Poo Bags) +2 Dispensers - Scented, Leak-Proof, Biodegradable Poo Bags for Dogs
Earth Rated Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags
Greener Walker Poo Bags for Dogs
Pogi’s Poop Bags
Customer Rating
Best Choice
Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags - 270 Extra Thick Poop Bags For Dogs | Each Lavender Scented Doggy Waste Bag Measures 22x33cm | 100% Leak-Proof Security
Earth Rated Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags
Customer Rating
More Information
GREENER WALKER Poo Bags for Dog Waste, 540 Poop Bags,Extra Thick Strong 100% Leak Proof Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags (Brown)
Greener Walker Poo Bags for Dogs
Customer Rating
More Information
100% Biodegradable
Pogi's Poop Bags - 50 Rolls (750 Dog Poo Bags) +2 Dispensers - Scented, Leak-Proof, Biodegradable Poo Bags for Dogs
Pogi’s Poop Bags
Customer Rating
More Information

Best Dog Poop Bags – Top 7

#1 Earth Rated Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Earth Rated Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

If you’ve ever winced at the thought of how much plastic waste we generate every day, you’re not alone. Picking up after your dog even once a day is still at least one plastic bag per day. However, this is where Earth Rated Biodegradable dog poop bags step in.

Made with guaranteed 100% leak proof designs, these dog poo bags are Earth Rated Biodegradable – after you’ve tossed them. The bags are extra thick and extra strong and engineered to be easy to get off the roll, use, and tie up and throw away.

All without the guilt of adding plastic waste to the environment as well, because they’re environment friendly.

The bags are made from a mix of high density and low-density polymers, combined with an EPI additive that helps break down the material, once they’ve been disposed of.

Each box contains 270 bags, in 18 rolls of 15 doggy bags each. The bags are large and square and are designed to make sure that your hand and sleeve are protected while picking your dog’s doings up.

Also, the bags are scented with a fresh lavender smell, which makes the entire chore a more pleasant job than it otherwise would be. If your dog is a little stink-making machine, you’ll be thankful for having such fragrant smelling bags on hand.

The size of the bags also makes knotting them and tossing them afterwards a clean and no-fuss process. Not only will your hands stay mess free, but also your bag, or your dog’s leash.

The bags are separated by an easy tear dotted line in between, so you can just pull one off the roll when you need to. The roll is held closed by a simple lift-off sticker, that holds the roll wound up. This way, you don’t have to think twice about it coming unwound inside your bag. It stays closed neatly, till when you need it.

Because of their practical sized roll, you can hang these bags onto whatever you have on hand, and always be prepared to put your dog’s doings away. Even the roll itself is made of recyclable material. The packaging and the roll cores are also made of recycled material that goes straight back into recycling. Cleaning up after your pooch does not get more eco-friendly than this. These are definitely the best dog poop bags out there!

  • Leakproof, thick and strong
  • Bags close tightly and have a lavender scent
  • EPI additive in the mix ensures that the used bags break down over time in the trash
  • Plastic content in the bag’s composition is not broken down but simply reduced to smaller particle size

#2 Greener Walker Poo Bags for Dogs

Greener Walker Poo Bags for Dogs

A way to keep your hands safe even when up against the biggest of mess-makers, Greener Walker Poo Bags allow you to be prepared for your pupper, but also for the environment.

Dog poo bags made of plastic are a major source of additional plastic waste. And are dog poo bags biodegradable? Unsurprisingly, no. The vast majority of commercially available bags are simply plastic derived, that keep your dog’s poop unchanged for thousands for years in landfills. But Greener Walker Poo bags for dogs change that status quo from the ground up.

These extra strong, extra thick bags are designed to be a 100% leak proof, so that there is no chance of you accidentally putting your finger through them and into the ‘mess’ that you’re cleaning up. Whether you need to clean up solids or liquids, these bags have you covered.

The bags are sized at 13 x 9 inches / 33cm x 23 cm, which is large enough to accommodate even the largest of dog breeds’ doings. Also, the roll is sized such that you can fit it into most commercially available roll dispensers, and you don’t have to buy a new one specially for the Greener Walker dog poop bags.

The material of the bags is also rather revolutionary. These bags are one of the best cornstarch dog poop bags UK dog owners can buy and are made of an eco-friendly bio cornstarch blend. The cornstarch component accelerates their biodegradability.

The cornstarch is blended with PBAT, a biodegradable thermoplastic copolyester. This helps reinforce the bag’s structural integrity and makes for a solid, strong bag that won’t leave you with poo on your hands, ever.

As a result, the bags are more than sufficiently strong when it comes to picking up poop and getting rid of it. But when you’ve disposed them, they break down quickly and naturally. They’re also compostable, so you can put them in your compost bin, if you have a large turnover.

Greener Walker Dog Poo bags are an excellent way of minimizing the impact of plastic waste from dog poo bags on the environment. Even the roll cores and packaging are in keeping with their endeavour, since they are both made from recycled materials, and can be recycled further.

The bags are connected to each other by an easy tear off dotted line, so you can take bags off the roll even with one hand. The roll is kept closed by an easy peel-off lift-up sticker, which helps you keep the roll wound.

Each roll comes with 15 bags on it, and there are 36 rolls per package. With 540 bags per package, it’s a great way to have stock on hand. Not to mention, the bags can also be used to dispose of food waste and kitchen waste safely.

And to top it all off, the bags come in a choice between five cheery colours. So, the days of picking up after your dog being a chore- are over!

  • Eco friendly cornstarch blend bags in economy sized packages
  • Extra-large, extra strong bags
  • Wide opening makes sure they close tightly despite not having hand ties
  • Contain plastic in the mix and are not completely biodegradable

#3 Pogi’s Poop Bags

Pogi’s Poop Bags

Pogi’s Poop bags for dogs are made from a specially formulated mix, to be undoubtedly the most earth-friendly dog poop bags you could buy for your household.

These extra strong, extra thick and resilient dog poop bags are large and sturdy enough to make cleaning up after even the largest dog breeds doable with ease. The bags are wide and have a marker on top, so you know which end to open the bag from without having to check.

The opening of the bag is also very wide and can be closed and knotted easily after you’ve collected what you need to throw. The bags are 100% leak proof, so even if you’re picking up liquid material, they’ll serve you just fine.

The best part about Pogi’s poop bags is that they are designed to degrade naturally inside a period of 18 months. Pogi’s dog poop bags are one of the most biodegradable dog poop bags anyone can find – one of the reasons they’re such top sellers internationally.

And if their durability and environment-friendly design wasn’t enough, they are also scented with a pleasant, fresh powder smell, that is more than enough to mask even the most lethal of doggy doo-doos. So, while picking up after your dog is necessary, gagging while you do it isn’t!

Of course, there are people who are extra sensitive to scents, and there is always the unscented variant for them. The bags measure an impressive 34cm x 23 cm in size and are large and wide enough to fit over most regular pooper scoopers. They have a wide brim, and the opening can be knotted tightly shut with no strain on the plastic.

Plus, the bags come in a super-duper saver pack that can last you about nine months. Each package comes with 50 rolls of 15 powder scented bags per roll. Also, you receive two cute, bone shaped, Pogi’s dog poop bag dispensers, free with the saver package. The dispensers clip onto dogs’ leashes and let you carry them hands-free. When you need to pull a bag out, simply pull one out from the opening in the dispenser- it’s as easy as that!

The plastic bags are separated by easy tear perforations, so you will not have to wrestle with them with your dog on the other hand. The rolls are also kept shut with easy lift and tear paper stickers, and the bags themselves have the opening clearly marked on them.

Speaking of which, Pogi’s dog poop bags come in 100% recyclable packaging, with even the rolls being made of recycled paper. The entire focus is on minimizing plastic residue while maximising ease of use – which they do!

  • Extra-large, strong, leak proof bags
  • Fresh powder scent in the bags prevents the bags from smelling foul
  • 100% fully biodegradable
  • The lack of ties makes these bags hard to handle and to close properly or carry around

#4 All Green Biodegradable Dog Poop bags  

All Green Biodegradable Dog Poop bags

When it comes to compostable dog poop bags UK dog owners can choose from, All Green Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags really stand out from the mix.

These subtle and understated extra strong dog poop bags in a solid black color make for the perfect companion to take with when walking your dog. Each bag clocks in at 38cm x 21cm, with two long tie handles on top. Not only are they very lightweight, but also designed to make cleaning up dog poop be as nuisance free as can be.

The bags themselves are made of a 100% biodegradable material with additives that make the bag oxobiodegradable. This means that chemical additives in the bag break the plastic content down over time, till the material is reduced to a biodegradable particle size. Over time, the bag ‘vanishes’ under natural degradation, leaving the contents to also be naturally biodegraded.

But before they reach the compost pile, these dog poop bags will ensure that your hands stay safe while picking up doggy doo doo. The bags are strong and guaranteed leak proof, as well suited for solid as well as liquid waste. They can also be used to pick up other forms of waste as well. 

The All Green biodegradable poop bags come in a neat little (large!) package of 500 bags, which should provide you with around nine months’ worth of dog poop picking comfort. The packaging is very light and easy to open, and the bags themselves are a solid black colour, so you don’t have to see (or smell!) the contents inside the bag, once you’ve tied the bag off.

The bags are ideal for dog owners who have large dogs or multiple dogs and are concerned with the amount of plastic waste picking up dog poop daily can generate. They are a terrific eco-friendly alternative to commercially available plastic bags or trash bags that clog up landfills and trash bins for decades, if not centuries.

So, if you’re looking to stock up on a strong dog poop bag alternative that goes easy on the environment, All Green Dog poop bags are a great option for you.

  • Strong, robust, leak proof bags
  • Bags have long handle ties, which makes tying them and carrying them simpler
  • Eco friendly formulation, with oxobiodegradable additives in the composition
  • They are not completely biodegradable, as plastic residue is left behind after their breakdown

#5 Bags on Board Strong Dog Poop bags  

Bags on Board Strong Dog Poop bags

Let’s face it: as much as you look forward to walking your dog, the poop clean up part of it leaves a lot to be desired.

But there is a way to make this entire ordeal less repugnant, no matter how many pugs or bulldogs you’re cleaning up after- Bags on Board Strong Dog poop bags. Designed to deal with the worst of doggy messes and the otherwise most nauseating of smells, these extra resilient, thick dog poop bags are up to every challenge.

Bags on Board Strong Dog Poop bags are strongly scented, infused with various fragrances that make picking up doggy poo a breeze- an ocean breeze, that is. There are multiple options to choose from, such as ocean breeze, triple berry, etc. There are also many colour options, from purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, the rainbow colours, as well as in happy patterns like bone, houndstooth, zigzag, etc. Picking up dog poop cannot get more fashionable than this!

It’s not just about optics, though. The Bags on Board dog poop bags are made of strong plastic, measuring a solid 35.5 cm x 22.8 cm. The extra large and wide size allows you to use them for really large dogs as well, or if you prefer using a pooper scooper, instead of your hand. You can even use them for kitty litter!

The bags are extra thick and strong as a result, and have reinforced double seams, which prevent them from ever accidentally tearing open as you pick up with them. Being complete leak proof also gives you the guarantee of having clean hands after picking up dog poop and not having to go running to wash your hands afterwards. Dog owners who have used flimsy bags in the past know these horrors too well.

The size of the bag makes both picking up and disposal easier. Once you’ve gathered up the mess, the broad opening allows for easy tying and mess-free disposal. The bags themselves do not have handles, but the size of the bag does not allow this to be a problem.

The bag rolls are small enough to fit most commercially available poop bag dispensers. The bags can be pulled easily from the roll or dispenser, because of the perforated lines between successive bags. You can stash one of these in your bag or on your dog’s leash and always have a dog poo Bag on Board. With 10 rolls of 14 bags each, it will last you a while too.

  • Large, sturdy, and roomy leak proof dog poop bags with multiple pleasant scent options
  • Bags are wide and can be closed tightly despite not having handles
  • Come with a dispenser in the package
  • Bags are made of plastic and as such not biodegradable
  • Scented variants leave behind a chemical residue and are not eco-friendly

#6 Beco Large Dog Poop Bags

Beco Large Dog Poop Bags

Ideal for any dogs of any size (smaller than an elephant, as the brand apologetically says), the Beco Large Dog Poop Bags are a must have for any dog owner who struggles with large sized clean ups.

These extra strong, extra tough dog poop bags are made of Oxo-biodegradable plastic. The material is strong, leak proof and tear proof, but simultaneously also biodegradable. Additives added to the plastic make sure that the material of the bag disintegrates to extremely small particles that are then biodegradable.

This gradual degradation ensures that your messes are tossed away safely, but eventually also vanish from the garbage dumps and don’t simply pile up there.

With 15 bags on each roll, and 18 rolls in each box, a package of Beco Large Dog Poop bags will stock your supplies up for a nice, long time. Each bag is 33cm x 18 cm, with handy long ties on both sides. The typical carry bag design makes tying them off after use much easier and ensures that they don’t leak before disposing of them.

These bags are ideal for heavy duty use and ‘bear-sized’, as the packaging puts it. There are multiple options available, should you need smaller sized bags, but the large sized ones are capable of dealing with any messes.

The bags are separated by well-defined perforations, so pulling them is a simple affair. Or you can pull a few off the roll and stash them in your pocket, to be prepared in case your dog discovers that he has to do some ‘business’, when out and about.

The Beco Large dog poop bags are a great staple to have in a house with large dogs or multiple dogs. They make for guilt free disposal, without any possibility of having accidents while cleaning up, which is a pretty big motivator, when it comes to disposing of dog poop.

Not to mention, even the packaging and roll cores are made of recycled material. The Beco Large dog poop bags are an excellent option for owners of large dogs, looking for an eco-friendly dog poop bag solution.

  • Large, strong, thick, and leak proof bags, ideal for owners of large dogs or multiple dogs
  • Tear resistant bags with long handles
  • Oxobiodegradable formulation means that these bags break down over time
  • Not plastic free, and leave micro-plastic residue even after they’ve broken down to constituent level
  • Cannot be composted because of the plastic content

#7 Moonygreen Biodegradable Dog Poop bags   

Moonygreen Biodegradable Dog Poop bags

A delightful option for dog owners looking for compostable dog poop bags, Moonygreen Biodegradable Dog poop bags are bags with promise- and an eco-friendly promise.

Made from cornflour and environment friendly polymers, Moonygreen biodegradable dog poop bags are designed to be completely broken down without any toxic emissions from the process, or any microplastic residue at the end of the breakdown.

This means that the bags are broken down to ‘nothing’ except fully reincorporated particles within 90 days, a time frame guaranteed by Moonygreen. These bags are therefore fully compostable, and completely biodegradable within 3 months of being composted, in accordance with strict european and british home gardening standards (EN 13432 and OK Compost Home) matching backyard manure.

With their vegetable based formulation, Moonygreen dog poop bags offer an efficient dog poop disposal solution that does not leave any microplastic residue behind. Over time the bag’s cornflour and plant based content is reduced to CO2 and water, with no microplastics at all. Thus keeping the soil and runoff water safe and micro-plastic free.

Moonygreen bags assert to break down fully within 200 days, in temperatures around 20°C, and a little longer in temperatures lower than that. The bags are also unscented, which ensures that there is no chemical residue because of artificial fragrances, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or complex petrochemical byproducts left behind after the bag decomposes.

The construct also results in a bag that is super strong and leak proof, and allows you full ease of handling while picking up dog poop, without any risk of getting your hands dirty, or the bag bursting before you dispose of it.

Each bag is a roomy 33 cm x 23 cm, which is large enough even for dog owners with very large dogs to use. The bags come in rolls of 12 each with a total of 10 rolls per package, so you have a stock on hand to use.

The individual bags are separated by easy tear off perforations. Each roll has a core made with sustainably resourced material, that you can simply toss into the recycling pile, once you’ve used it up. The entire packaging is also plastic free, just like the bags, and can be recycled without fuss.

 The rolls fit into a cute little poop bag dispenser that comes with the package, but they also fit into most commercially available dispensers as well. You can simply clip the dispenser onto your dog’s leash, or your belt, and you’re good to go!

Moonygreen biodegradable dog poop bags are a plastic free and truly environment friendly option for dog and environment lovers out there. If you’re looking for just a solution, look no further than Moonygreen dog poop bags.

  • Completely plastic-free, made with plant extracts and cornflour based material
  • Completely biodegradable and compostable, in accordance with EN 13432 and EU OK Home Compost standards for gardening compost
  • Leave no microplastic residue behind
  • Strong and leak proof bags
  • Bags are thin and tear easily, and do not close the smell off even if the bag is tied off
  • The bags are perforated at both ends, and can be problematic to open, especially with one hand

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